School Management System

S.No. Package Name Cost(Rs.) No.of Days
1 MONTHLY 700.00 30
2 QUERTERLY 2000.00 90
3 HALFYEARLY 3500.00 180
4 YEARLY 6500.00 360

School Management System application helps the overall working of a schools, College and Educational Institutes. It is an interactive intranet and internet based application. In the internet based, it helps the user to view the online results, student attendance, staff details etc. It is also displaying the updated flash news. In the intranet based, it helps the user to store the students and employees attendance, students and teachers profile etc. With the help of intranet based the school managements can reduce the workload, time, resources etc. With the help of internet based, the parents can view the results, attendance etc from anywhere in the world. Intranet based : Based on the functionality the intranet based application is divided into nine parts. One of the main parts is administrator. Only the administrator has the privilege to access all other parts without username and password. In this application the user can do the functions such as add, delete, search, update etc. This application helps the user to generate the reports, change the fee-structure, add transportation details, students and teachers profile, attendance of students and teachers, hostel details, transactions etc. Internet based : This application has Four types of users: Administrator Students Teachers/Faculty Parents The Student user can view the details of Exams, Timetables, and also Notice board news. The parents can view the attendance, results etc. The Teacher/Faculty user can update the exam marks and etc. The administrator has the privilege to update the details such as user creation, events, news etc.. Features : Helps the user to view and take the attendance of students as well as teachers. By storing the details of transportation the user can easily identify the route, driver-name, time etc. Allows storing the students and teachers/Faculty profile. Maintaining the issue and return details of books in library and also its calculating the fine, if the student is not returning the book on particular day. Display of events in calendar. Providing fees-calculator to view different type of fees, class-wise. Creation of time-table for students as well as teachers/Faculty. Leave Report of employees. Salary Updation of employees. The parents can view the current result as well as earlier results. Can view the attendance (Date-wise, Month-wise and Year-wise). Providing username and password for the parents. Users without username and password can see access all the remaining screen. In first time login user (parents & Faculty) can change their username and password according to their wish. Help is there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.


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