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Our Company , Everydayon is a globally established a US based company , and here in India, it is Everydayon(I). At a high level ,the goal of Everydayon is to provide the customers ,everyday solutions to impact the life in a better way. The book is about Software Quality & Java automation skills with basic concepts, self-review and interviews preparation related to the Java based projects in a practical sense with questions-answers.

This book is targeted mainly at beginners to the software quality and development engineers. It is also useful for experienced quality engineers to do self-assessment and to be on top of relevant automation skills. It is hard to survive without having the fundamentals and automation skills in software development and quality as a QA or dev engineer. Also, many skills need references to many other books that were not targeted at QA professions.

Now, this book is an attempt to create such survival guide for QA professional with all relevant skills at one place. This book should help in making sure that you get the basic core concepts, working knowledge and in summary as a survival guide for programming and automation with all required skills.

The goal is not to aim at making you an expert at one skill or entirely on these skills. The focus is on finding the needed skills and at what level is being used for 80% of the time (80-20 rule) in the Java programming and Quality engineering profession.

For the Manual QA engineer, this book helps in understanding the concepts and move from manual testing to automation. There are about 500+ questions and answers to ease on understanding the concepts and for review purpose.

The below are 16 core skills covered in this book along with hands-on/getting started on a new job.

At a high level, this book starts with the areas such as processes (SDLC/Quality/OOPS), data (XML/XPath/JSON), code repositories (SVN/GIT), and operating systems (Unix/Linux).

Then enters into programming (Java & JDBC), and later build frameworks/tools (ANT/Maven).

After that it covers more on unit testing frameworks/tools (Junit/TestNG) and continuous integration tools (Jenkins/Hudson).

Next, it includes the functional testing of web applications and web services with frameworks / tools (TestNG / Selenium / SoapUI) covered.

Finally, included samples code (for Java/Selenium) to reference offline, and hands-on/getting started in the job.

In summary, this book is an attempt to share and build confidence in you with core skills of Software quality and Java automation.

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"It is a unique book that includes all essential information in one single place covering manual as well as automated testing and builds the confidence."
-- Satya Dodda, Sr.Director@Oracle


"This book is the reason I was able to become a Test Automation Engineer without having any background in software. Not only did it help me master highly technical interviews and get me a high paying job, but it also instilled principles that have allowed me to excel above my coworkers."
-- Systems Integration Automation Engineer


"This book is extremely helpful for people like me and also for those who are interested in starting a career as a Quality Engineer."
-- Sindhuri Mutyala, Quality Engineer@Intuit


"It is an incredible Hands-on guide and helpful for Quality Engineers."
-- Malik MA, QA Manager@Acentia


"This is a MUST HAVE book for each and every software engineer (DEV or QA doesn't matter)."
-- Sr.developer.


"I can say this is certainly one of the best books around for Quality Engineers looking for a job."
-- Praveen Morusupalli, Director@Oracle


"An excellent review guide for those looking for the change of jobs as well and one stop for all testing phase/process and test automation."
-- Hari Kuppala, Sr. Manager@Oracle


"Content is very practical/hands-on, I liked this fact."
-- Basha Sayed, Manager@Oracle


"This book provides more help to the people because it is highly informative."
-- Vijaya Bhaskar Tanamala, Sr.Developer@Travelers


"The concepts explained in this book will help developers handle their day to day job duties effectively."
-- Sriramulu Lakkaraju, Director@Oracle


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